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Pomegranate Serum plus Nourishing Face Oil Save £5!


Pomegranate (Punicum Granatum) (6% in product) Very moisturising and nourishing and helps skin elasticity, especially fine lines. Green Tea, powerful anti-oxidant. Beneficial to help give firm and elastic skin. Carrot oil, A natural sunscreen and assists in removing toxins to give skin a fresher firmer appearance. Neroli, reputed to have a rejuvenating regenerative effect on skin. Frankincense has Rejuvenating, healing and balancing qualities on skin. Glycerine (vegetable) Very beneficial moisturiser that helps shore up the skins natural protection.
Apricot Kernel Oil, very beneficial fine textured oil easily absorbed by the skin
Avocado oil, A superb moisturiser, deeply penetrating oil rich in vitamin A & D
Calendula Oil, Softening, soothing and healing qualities.
Palmarosa, has excellent skincare qualities
Helichrysum, Anti allergic and astringent properties
Lavender, Balancing and antiseptic qualities on skin.